iPad: Powerful Tool?



Furby: Then and Now

Furby: Then and Now An awesome transformation from what Furby use to be... and the way it is now in today's world thanks to the power of technology.

iPads within Education

We as Early Childhood Educators and teachers are all looking at different possibilities on how we can expand a child or children's learning through several different ways and implementations; why not start with something such as a tablet? iPads are amazing new tablets that was introduced in 2009 by Apple Inc. iPads are 241.2 mm …

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Using Interactive Technology

Children using tech devices is a hot topic.  How much is too much?  How young is too young? Today, guest blogger, Rob James gives a perspective on the use of tech in the early years.  We would love to hear your opinions on the topic!  ~EMP  Do you believe that introducing interactive technology can play …

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