Halton Hills Child Care Centre

Halton Hill Childcare Centre
Halton Hill Child Care Centre

For the purpose of this posting, I’ll be critiquing a Child Care centre’s website.

Halton Hills Child Care centre is a non-profit organization which offers full and part time childcare services to children who are 6 months to 12 years old and they are currently located in Georgetown. Halton Hills Child Care Centre’s philosophy states,

“Here are Halton Hills Child Care Centre, our goal is to provide a safe, clean, nurturing environment where all the children can learn, have fun, and grow to their fullest potential” (HH Childcare, 2012).

Halton Hills Child Care Centre
Halton Hills Child Care Centre
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 11.27.06 PM

When you first enter their website, you get bombarded with clashing colours, limited image depictions, poorly placed flash banner, and a white border around the navigational menu which either means it’s meant to be like that or it’s poorly sliced using Photoshop.

Although there are some negatives, it’s very good that the website is cross-browser compatible. Heidi and Sylvie are both support staff for the centre but also can be contacted through their website by heading over to: Staff –> Support Staff.

The site is very straightforward and simple that is good for a lot of visitors who like simplicity. The site has over 5 navigational menus which may be an issue to certain people because there is psychology background information regarding having over 5 navigational menus,

“One thing to remember:  the human brain sees five or less items as a single group, but when it encounters  more than five items, it breaks them down into “subgroups”  to process them” (Tuck M., 2003).

With this in mind, visitors who come to this site must find their way around the site easily,

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 11.59.05 PM
Drop-Down navigation

“Everyone needs to be able to find their way around your site with ease. The choices you make in providing navigational  assistance on your site will often make the difference between a site that users frequent, and frequently  use, and a site that gets visited once and promptly forgotten” (Tuck M., 2003).

Since the organization is non-profit, their website isn’t really appealing and attractive compared to if you were to go to some for-profit organization websites, however, just because the site doesn’t look good doesn’t mean their programs and curriculum is awful. There are a lot of for-profit centres where their websites may look very appealing but when it came to their programs and curriculum, it lacked. So, don’t let the websites fool you.


HH Childcare (2012). Halton Hills Child Care Centre: Home. Retrieved from http://www.hhchildcare.ca

Tuck, M. (2003). Practical Web Design – Fundamentals of Web Design. Retrieved from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pCB8wo2_gyOd0zPToEiaXmtitazSm5Auz973s2MsRAs/edit

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