I Want to Be the Kind of Teacher

Pernille Ripp

I have failed as a teacher many times, mostly in small ways, but there have been epic ones as well.  I think so many of us have had them.  Yet, what we do with our failures is also what defines us and today, after two weeks of rotations that simply were not working, I was reminded again of what kind of teacher I want to be.

I want to be the kind of teacher that doesn’t give up.  The kind that finds a new solution even when it seems like I could just stay on a path because it would be so much easier.  That knows when to hold them, when to fold them, and yes, even when to walk away.

I want to be the kind of teacher that keeps the students in mind at every moment and with every decision I make, even the ones where my own…

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25 Teaching Tools to Organize, Innovate and Manage your Classroom

25 Teaching Tools For The Digital Classroom: Tools To Organize, Innovate, & Manage What You Do by Mike Acedo Over the years, many of us have personally experienced the growth of technology in today’s classrooms. Instead of taking notes, students are now occupied by surfing the Internet, scrolling through Facebook, and messaging their friends on their smart …

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Powerful Letter to Teachers

As educators, it's our sworn obligation to comfort, educate, and protect young minds. As the new school year began, we never forget the awful tragedy that happened in Sandy Hook Elementary school. This mother wrote a powerful letter addressing all teachers. Her letter, which was posted on the Education Week website is powerful, and gut-wrenching, and encouraging all …

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Having fun Outside – in the Dark

When we were younger, we loved playing outside! In today's society, we should still love to play outside even if the sun did go down! Here are 15 ways in which you have a thrilling time at night! Flashlights are fun! Give the kids flashlights and take a look around. Much fun can be had by …

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Competition: Microsoft vs. Apple

Comparing iPad to Surface RT and Surface Pro Which tablet is better for me?   While researching, I came across this video... Microsoft commercial – it’s really quite funny.  I currently now own both Surface RT and an iPad 2 (Second generation). I decided to do some research amongst the two tablets but since my iPad is …

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