Pre-Primary or Social Pedagogy?

We were asked what suited us better as Educators… Pre-Primary or Social pedagogy?

Children Around the World
Children Around the World

With this in, The ELECT Document stresses more on Social Pedagogy rather than Pre-Primary.

Pre-primary is often understood as a foundation to organized instructions,

“Traditional Pre-primary programmes are often understood as the initial stage of organized instruction” (ELECT, page 80).Pre-primary is more of a teacher directed approach, “Group sizes are large, ratios are high, programmes are mainly teacher directed, the emphasis is on standards and the evaluation of same” (ELECT, page 81) and whereas Social Pedagogy is structured, but also is “freely”.

For example, you can see the difference between Pre-Primary,

“A focus on learning standards, especially in areas useful for school readiness. Teacher child relationships tend to be instrumentalized through reaching for detailed curriculum goals” (ELECT, page 107)

and Social Pedagogy,

“Focus on broad developmental goals as well as learning are stressed, interactivity with educators and peers encouraged and the quality of life in the institution is given high importance” (ELECT, page 107).

Healthy Planet
Healthy Planet

“Traditionally, the Nordic countries have benefited from strong structural supports (desirable child-staffratios, adequate training, resources and materials) that have allowed them to fully engage in the SocialPedagogy approach. Those countries exemplifying the Social Pedagogic approach tend to have ratios ofapproximately 1:5-8 for the 3-6 year old age group, maximum group sizes of 20, high levels of trainedstaff, staff trained on an equal par with primary school teachers; i.e., 3-4 yr. university degrees” (ELECT, page 81).The ELECT just doesn’t focus on the education aspect, but instead also focuses on the child as a whole (Their family, community, culture, etc.).

Pre-Primary or Social Pedagogy?

Social Pedagogy
Social Pedagogy

No pressure or anything.

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