Overused Describing Words?


According to LinkedIn, has scanned about 187 million of their members and came up with a list of overused, useless describing words.

Such words can be an instant  turnoff to a recruiter who sees them constantly because they show you, as an individual, isn’t “dynamic”  nor “creative”.

“You wouldn’t mention how disorganized or irresponsible you are, and their antonyms (organized, trustworthy, etc) are wasted words too,” explains LinkedIn’s Nicole Williams. If you are using any of these describing words, head on over to your LinkedIn profile immediately and erase them right away! Here they are, in order of how overused they are:

Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams
  • Creative
  • Organizational
  • Effective
  • Motivated
  • Extensive Experience
  • Track Record
  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Analytical
  • Problem Solving

A few other describing words made the list for countries outside the United States. No matter where you live, consider ditching these from your profile, too.

  • Experimental (a describing in Brazil)
  • Multinational (a describing in Egypt and Indonesia)
  • Specialized (a describing in Spain)

With the addition to all the words listed above, you may want to ditch these ones as well:

  • Communication skills
  • Dynamic

Read more here.


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