Following a Blog

To subscribe (follow) to a person’s blog (using WordPress) you can simply do so by heading on over to your blog’s Dashboard ( and click “Blogs I Follow” (

Now once you’re there (, click on “Reader” in the sentence ( You’ll be brought to a page similar to this ( On the left, look for the search box, enter a topic you’d like to follow (such as Education), and hit “Follow”. You’ll get a list of different blogs that have Education topics within their Blogs. If you’re lucky, you’d be able to find an excellent blog to follow!

Another way could be found by Googling. If you come across a person’s blog and their using the WordPress platform, while you’re signed into your account you’d be able to follow their block instantly because if this menu that will be shown ( If you like what you see in their blog, hit the Follow button!

View the steps in the slideshow below:

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No pressure or anything.

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