Edmonton teacher gets fired.

Highschool teacher gets terminated because he gave out zeros to students that did not complete their assignments or even bothered to hand it in. Back when I was in high school zeros were given out for not completing assignments or failure to hand in. His actions hurt the students “academically”. Overall, students who fail to hand in or complete their assignments shouldn’t be disappointed by the teacher’s marking, but at themselves.

As a student, what you do determines your grade in the course and failure to hand in an assignment, then you should get a zero. Instead of zeros, “behavioural codes” — such as “MPA” for “missed performance” — for incomplete work, should be used, but what does that teach students for the future? Does that mean in post-secondary institutions, they will continue to use such “behavioural codes” for their students? No. In post-secondary institutions, zeros will be given out for incomplete assignments.

View full article here.


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